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343 Brick Boulevard, Brick, NJ 08723
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Phone number:
+1 732-477-7237

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Opening times

Sunday 10:00am — 04:30pm
Monday 09:30am — 07:30pm
Tuesday 09:30am — 07:30pm
Wednesday 09:30am — 07:30pm
Thursday 09:30am — 07:30pm
Friday 09:30am — 07:30pm
Saturday 09:30am — 06:30pm
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Reviews about K & J Nails

  • DIYhowToFix IT
    Dec, 01 2018
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    This nail salon is the best in ocean county. The business owners and workers are so friendly and do their work so efficiently and do very quality jobs. When you walk in This nail salon you are greeted right away and a Extremely friendly and energetic manner. These new owners are absolutely wonderful and this place is by far our favorite nail salon we've ever gone to yet, and we've been to many of them.

    You absolutely have to give this now salon a try because once you do you will never go back to another one besides them. Just the quality of work they do and then the relationship that you build with the owners and the employees is just nothing you can compete with. No matter what you want done with your nails, or waxing, or whatever it is they will go out of their way to make sure that you get what it is that you want done

    I can go on and on about all the positive things with this Nail salon. But the last thing I'm gonna mention stands out the most by far is all of the renovations they done. The entire inside of this facility has been completely renovated. They have top of the line massage chairs at every single booth that you can fully adjust to your own liking. All top of the line nail painting and drying centers, and their nail Polish and gel is out of this world

    There is so much more to say about this place but I'll leave it at that and hope That whoever is reading this gives it at least a try because I will tell you you will not be Dissatisfied !

    - Joann & Jesse
    ~Very Greatful & Happy Customers
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K & J Nails

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